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Business Sponsorship_Levels 2014.pdf

• Logo placement on the Q Cinema Web site, and Facebook pages 
• Logo placement before each film 
• Logo placement in the film festival program 
Quarter-page, full-color ad in the festival program 

• All Assistant Director benefits except the ad 
• Half-page, full-color ad in the festival program 
•Two full-fest passes and priority seating 
•Logo placement and thank you on a placard in the lobby 

• All Director benefits except the ad 
• Full-page, full-color ad in the festival program 
• Two additional full-fest passes (total of four) and priority seating 
• Placement of any advertising materials (pamphlets, banner, business cards, etc.) at each screening 
• A chance to say a few words about your business or cause before one of the films, if you so choose 
• Your name attached as the sponsor of a specific film during the festival 
• Logo placement on e-mail blasts prior to the film (on our 1,800-person mailing list along with additional lists) 

• All Director benefits 
• Logo placement on the cover of the film festival program 
• Logo placement in all advertisements for this year's festival 
• Logo placement on banners displayed at all films 
• Logo placement on film posters displayed in area businesses throughout Fort Worth and Dallas 
• Logo placement on flyers handed out at area businesses 
• A chance to say a few words about your business or cause before each film if you so choose. 
• Two additional full-fest passes (a total of six) and priority seating 
• Verbal mention and thank you before the film and at promotional events prior to the screening 

STUDIO LEVEL ($5,000) 
• All Executive Producer benefits 
• A chance to run a short commercial for your business (if you have one available before Oct. 1) before each screening 
• Prime logo placement on all materials and mediums promoting the festival 
• Four additional full-fest passes (a total of 10) and priority seating for each film 
Additional negotiable benefits 

Please contact Kathryn Omarkail (817) 913-4416 if you’re interested in any of  these promotional levels. 

Download this information as a PDF


This year’s program will be a joint venture between Tarrant County Gay Pride & QCinema. All proceeds from this year’s booklet with equally benefit both organizations.


All artwork must be camera ready or high-resolution digital art. This can include 300dpi (dots per inch) image files, original art files or velox print (photostat) using a 100-133 line screen.

     Ads can be submitted on CD format, flash drive or by e-mail in either inDesign, Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Freehand, or in eps, jpeg or pdf form.

     We cannot accept faxes, dot matrix computer printouts, photocopies or Word or Publisher files.


Trim size: 5.5 inches wide by 8.5 inches high

Binding: Saddle-stitched

Printing: Four-color throughout

Bleed requirements: Live matter, including type and photos, must be kept within a quarter-inch margin of the 5.5 X 8.5 inch page boundaries.


• Full-page bleed:  5.75” W X 8.75” H

  1. Full page: 5” W X 8” H

• Half page: 5” W X 3.875” H

  1. Quarter page: 2.375” W X 3.875” H

See visual options below


Ads are $400 for inside covers or centerpage placement, $300 for full page, $225 for half and $175 for a quarter, $75 for business card ads. Nonprofits should subtract $50 from the price, excluding inside covers, center pages and business card ads. Payments must be made in advance of publication (payment plans are available). Make checks payable to QCinema.


Completed artwork should be turned in no later than Aug. 31, 2014 (let me know if you need more time). Send to QCinema, Attn. Kathryn Omarkhail, P.O. Box 287, Fort Worth, TX 76101-0287 or e-mail to For any questions about artwork requirements, contact Kathryn at  (817) 913-4416.